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Unusual tours in Saint-Petersburg with Tank-Tour. Military-tourism in Russia

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Tank-Tour is a company located in St Petersburg, Russia, and offering its customers exciting and unforgettable army-style experiences and military tours. We are acting in the military tourism branch for over 9 years and have learned to understand and meet expectations of our valued customers. Our offers are quite unique for St Petersburg and all Russia and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Soviet and Russian army small arms show: Our instructors will show you variable items of small arms from pistols and submachine guns to mortar and canon and  tell you about them. You will be able to inspect them in all detail and make unique pictures holding them in your hands. There will be a briefing of disassembly and assembly of the legendary Kalashnikov, including its modern versions, after which you will have a chance of doing it yourself under supervision of our instructors. As part of the program there will be target shooting with these weapons. 
  • Real armored vehicles and tanks: Our fleet consists of both fully tracked and wheeled armored fighting vehicles of Soviet and Russian army. Our instructors will tell you about each vehicle and answer your questions on it. You will have an opportunity not only to inspect them from outside and inside, but also to ride a tank or BTR (armored infantry vehicle) either as a passenger or as a co-driver. The same is possible with the army cross-country trucks and jeeps, which are also part of our fleet.
  • Military style events: We can offer a variety of military-style programs with the use of all our resources, which certainly include all the above but are not limited to it. The program may last from half a day to several days. It will include some basic elements of Russian army service such as marching drill, physical training, zone of obstacles, combat training, tank or military trucks and jeeps riding, workshop on setup and disassembly of an army tent etc. We will organize diverse contests, which are not only a lot of fun by itself, but also have a team-building effect. As part of the program there will be visiting of reinforced bunkers of WW II fortifications (Northern sector of the so called Stalin line).
  • Army camp: The above will be offered at our field camp in the vicinity of St Petersburg in a picturesque forest (30-40 minutes drive from St Petersburg). Field kitchen catering is also part of the program. You will have a chance to try the typical Russian army field dish – buckwheat porridge with stewed meet as well as other meals.
    Besides Russian clients, among our guests there have been people from different countries such as Germany, UK, China, Finland, Belgium and so on.

So, if you want to ride tanks in Russia, to learn more about real weapons and army, to practice the disassembly and assembly of AK-47, to learn about Russian armors and visit bunkers - call us. Tank-tour is the live exhibition of Russian weapons. It's real military museum in St-Petersburg. 

Tank-Tour Company offers you:

  • Skilled specialists and instructors
  • Experience in organizing big corporate events
  • Flexibility in responding to your wishes
  • Experience in organizing events for expat guests, we have foreign speaking specialists
  • Various programs for both groups and individuals
  • Tank riding at Saint-Petersburg
  • AK-47 shooting
  • Reliability and professionalism.

Please contact us:

  • Our Phones: + 7 (921) 941-92-77; + 7 (905) 257-15-90 for What's up and Viber
  • E-mail:
  • Site: www.tank-tour.ru
  • Photo: instagram.com/tank_tour
«Танк-Тур» единственная компания в Санкт-Петербурге с собственным полигоном и бронетехникой. Только у нас есть готовая капитальная инфраструктура для проведения корпоративного и индивидуального отдыха в армейском стиле. Мы владеем одним из лучших танков мира и самым современным российским танком Т-80, который называют «Летающим танком». Также в собственности нашей компании имеется «самый воюющий танк мира» - Т-55 и уникальный плавающий танк ПТ-76, несколько моделей БТРов, а также БМП и тягачи.
Танк-Тур – это самое большое количество моделей послевоенной и современной военной техники нашей страны на которых можно покататься.
Наша техника и наш опыт уже много лет помогают нам делать масштабнейшие мероприятия в армейской тематике для клиентов со всего мира. «Танк-тур» поможет Вам организовать необычный день рождения, свадьбу, корпоративный отдых или иной «милитари» праздник. Программы отдыха могут включать: катания на колесной и гусеничной технике, армейскую кухню, стрельбы, военные мастер-классы и пр.
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